Tree of Past Life

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Past Life Regression is a highly informative therapy that is suited to everyone who wishes to reach new and deeper levels of self understanding.

This unique personal journey unlocks from our subconscious minds hidden memories, feelings and emotions.

This in turn will answer a great many questions as to why you are... who you are.

This is a very relaxing informative therapy which can be enjoyed whether your own personal beliefs are genetic or spiritual or just pure curiosity.

All sessions take approximately 2 hours and are fully recorded for you to reflect upon.

Full Regression Session including refreshments and recording -   £45.00

Available Monday-Friday 11am-6pm


A wonderful journey of self healing and awakening


PAST LIFE REGRESSION WORKSHOPS  available 11-4pm Saturdays and certain weekdays. Booked in advance. Forward dates are available via Workshop page.

An enjoyable and interesting day packed full of learning where our memories come from and how to bring them forward in a full regression to experience for yourself.

Refreshments included.

Please enquire for next available forthcoming dates.

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