Tree of Past Life

Could you and would you be able to answer this seemingly simple question straight away and without hesitation?


Do you know yourself so well that your answers would be instant and with gusto?


Try it!  Sit yourself down infront of a mirror and ask away....

Most people will experience periods in their life and will struggle with these automatic answers. Simply because we are living, growing and constantly evolving little beings and as such our thoughts, beliefs, theories and circumstances throughout our life will naturally change.

It would be very rare to have the same opinions, thoughts, emotions and outlook at the age of 40 as we had as an evolving questioning 16 year old.

Time passes as does our outlook and view of ourselves and our changing world around us. Our circumstance hopes, dreams and health may also change in the blink of an eye therfore so will our automatic answers to:  “WHO AM I”

For some change is welcome and inspiring...for others this can present itself as an unwelcome burden full of confusion and lacking clarity in our day to day lives. This can present the feeling of feeling lost.

Feel assured you are not alone and feel assured we all need a little help from time to time in our forever busy and hectic lives. Also feel assured you will be able to find your own personal answers.

Tailor your session for your own unique requirements and begin your incredible journey.




This is a question we should all  take by the horns and ask ourselves on a regular basis...and keep on asking.

Imagine having a conversation with your mirror imagine and you ask yourself simply ...

“Who am I”


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